Lascaux IV - A unique visiting experience

Prehistory has never been so alive

The International Center for Cave Art is open today from 08:30 to 21:30

An unrivaled visiting experience

Lascaux IV is the only full and exact replica of the original cave. The International Centre of Parietal Art invites you to dream, to imagine, and to follow in the footsteps of our ancestors.

Need inspiration ? Numerous tailor-made visits will reveal the fabulous history of this unique cave in the world. Explore the prehistoric era and make the most of the integration of new technologies that will enhance your visiting experience.

  • Complete replica of the original cave

  • An interactive visit

  • 6 scenographic spaces

  • 8 000 m2 of wonder

  • Visits for everyone

Our visit experiences

To discover alone, with family, friends or in a group

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  • Le Parc du Thot


    Complete your visit with the Parc du Thot

    Complete your visit with the Parc du Thot


    Located just a few kilometers from Lascaux IV, enrich your experience by visiting the Parc du Thot animal park. Read more



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