From Friday june 25, 2021 to Friday december 31, 2021


Inspired by the Lascaux cave, Continuum is an immersion in search of and listening to the wild world, in the footsteps of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. The artist invites you to explore paper caves to meet composite animals of earth and pastel but also a sculptural and immersive drawing of 300m2 suspended, evoking at the same time a cave, a canopy and the abyss. A continuum * in contemporary parietal and acoustic scenography which extends the visit to Lascaux. Caroline Desnoëttes, visionary and committed artist, explores the co-evolution of living things through a radical, sober and contemporary technique. Hybridization between plants, people and other animals is at the heart of his work, as if to draw the eye to endangered spaces and species.

* A continuum = continuity in space or time


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